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Naniwa no Miya
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Welcome to Ancient Places Revisited. This site has been created to display VRML reconstructions of ancient Japanese architecture, concentrating on the structures associated with Naniwa-no-miya (Naniwa Palace), but other archaeological and historical sites from around Osaka and the Kansai region of Japan will also be featured.

Despite its historical importance, the Naniwa Palace site is now relatively unknown, even within Osaka. In the 1960's a massive preservation movement was initiated after the city government announced plans for urban redevelopment of the site. As a result, the area containing the remains of the central buildings of the palace was designated a historic site. This has grown into a park covering almost 90, 000 square metres. Today, few people realize the significance of the site however.

After participating in several excavations at the site I decided to attempt to reconstruct the main buildings of the palace-capital to help interest people in the site. This led to the creation of this web-site. Cultural, historical and archaeological heritage is easily lost and only by generation public interest and supprt can the past be preserved for future generations to study.